Tick capture

Keep your eyes and ears on the market

Build tick-by-tick market database for equities, futures, forex, fixed income and cryptos.


Store a wide range of financial instruments using a centralized system. Access tick data using your usual applications by leveraging the open and normalized data models.

Facilitate tick by tick data management and ensure its integrity and accuracy through user friendly, robust, and automated tools.

Large data coverage

Explore a wide data coverage across all asset classes












Fixed Income

Connectivity neutral

connectivity neutral examples

Access real-time data through a wide range of connectivity features:

  • Connect to multiple data sources at the same time
  • Handle large amounts of real-time market data
  • Consolidate and aggregate the market book from multiple venues

Build custom referential

The Systemathics referential allows you to solve heterogeneous data challenges through an automated data management process and several customization features:

  • Avoid operational risks through an automated nightly update.
  • Multi-sources and multi-venues allow validation and cross-validation.
  • Keep your own existing symbol-naming conventions.
custom referential

Customizable approach using the Systemathics SDK

Systemathics Software Development Kit (SDK) provides you with an easy-to-use and standard development environment, enabling you to fully customize and to further extend the provided services.

Our solution is based on an open architecture and code-invariant approach which enables flexible and scalable integration. This allows you to integrate proprietary logic and third-party trade workflow components to pre-existing resources.

Connectivity management

Intuitive connector implementation to extend market access when required.

Strategy development

Proprietary strategies and execution algorithm development

User interfaces

User interface implementation and customization of provided GUIs

Seamless Integration

Open API and 3rd party library integration (C#, F#, C++, Java, R, Python, MATLAB…)

Analytics & Reporting

Bespoke performance indicator and post-trade analysis implementation

Ownership & Privacy

Intellectual property preservation and ownership of proprietary features