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The Systemathics Algorithmic Trading Platform is designed with a user approach in order to allow for data and order flows standardization, the capture of trading signals, the execution of strategies through backtesting, paper trading and production.

The Trading Platform is composed of multiple code invariant modules that can be run independently or altogether reducing drastically the elapsed time for implementation project as well as the associated operational risk.



Handle various reference data sources and enable custom fields integration through a robust and automated referential building and validation process.

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trading engine

Trading Engine

Trade Equities, Forex, Options, Futures and Crypto currencies using a customizable workstation in order to integrate proprietary logic and third party components.

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Enhance robustness of trading models and ensure end-to-end simulation through our code invariant approach reducing risk and time-to-value by design.

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smart orders

Smart Orders

Fully customizable and extensive library of certified smart orders to allow the automation of rules based trading and smart order routing for better execution.

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data mining

Data Mining

High performance in data normalization to help you gain actionable insights for the decision making process and to comply with regulatory requirements.

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Real time and historical, systematic and on demand extensive performance measurements designed to keep a highly granular record of the entire trade lifecycle.

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tick Capture

Tick Capture

Capture, normalize, store and analyze massive amounts of accurate financial data from various sources including tick by tick data, trades, quotes and full order book.

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Further develop your business. Customize and extend your solution. Preserve your Intellectual Property. Ensure a smooth integration within your existing architecture.

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Focus on Business

Bringing systematic investment strategies to production is a complex and tricky process, along which numerous functional and technical issues arise.

How to be sure that, at each step, appropriate choices will be made, leading to P&L generation in the safest and quickest manner?

In order to assist banks, brokers, hedge funds, asset managers and proprietary traders in their search for the best response to this question, we at Systemathics have come up with a thorough process and modern technology to accompany our customers through to the production stage.



A team of market practitioners with a deep understanding of the industry context, market challenges and evolving needs of buy-side and sell-side firms.

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Strategy Validator

Proven and customizable audit service dedicated to decision makers : validate automated investment models and ideas provided by candidates.

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Systemathics is a foundation of successful implementation committed to deliver high quality services and solutions and to preserve clients privacy.

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AI - Hackathon 2022

48 Hours Challenge

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High performance execution, Geneva

Systemathics / VIRTU Financial

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