Trading Engine

Maximize trading efficiency

The Systemathics Trading Engine Workstation has been designed in a very open and modular way by market practitioners. Therefore, Systemathics does bring a lot of functional expertise along with its cutting edge technology.

Trade Equities, Forex, Options, Futures and Crypto currencies using a centralized system. Take advantage of multiple aggregated liquidity providers to maximize your trade efficiency.

A fully flexible and customizable solution that leverages an open architecture to integrate proprietary logic and third-party trade workflow component.

A complete set of exposure and performance measures, smart orders and technical indicators to evolve with your business.

The Systemathics Trading is well suited for both High Frequency and Low Frequency strategies, which allows users to perform backtesting in high frequency, improving significantly the relevance of the tests.

Code Invariance: Reduce the elapsed time for implementation project and the associated operational risk.