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The Systemathics Standard Reporting includes a Performance Summary, which provides an extensible set of statistical measures about the trading performance of the strategies such as P&L, Mark-to-Market, Maximum Drawdown, Sharpe, Sortino, Winning Trades and more.

The reports provide also the detailed performance on a trade-by-trade basis: orders, statuses and executions. It includes time stamps, prices, sizes, signal tags ...

The activity of the strategies such as signal generation, status changes and logs are also stored and could be processed and analysed.

You are backtesting a strategy, trading live or running a simulation (paper trading), you will be able to create customizable fact sheets for Excel, pdf, web...


  • Fully customizable and flexible
  • Comprehensive SDK with samples and tutorials
  • Easy integration with in-house tools
  • Provides the necessary analytics to assess the efficiency of strategies
  • Complete set of exposure and performance measures and technical indicators

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